Current situation and development of Bluetooth Speaker Market



At night, outside the brightly lit Shenzhen metropolitan area, there are thousands of small and medium-sized speaker factories in Fuyong, Shajing and Longgang, which gather hundreds of thousands of workers. They are at the bottom of the industrial chain and earn the least amount of hard money. In a great change not far away, they may become the "victims" of industrial upgrading, abandoned by the times.

There is no other reason. With the rise of the global smart speaker market, industrial upgrading and product iteration are the general trend. As a foreign trade oriented Shenzhen, these small and medium-sized manufacturers are unable to participate in the industrial chain of smart speakers due to lack of production technology. They are hidden in the "underground Jianghu" of smart speakers, and the market has not left them much time. This is the intuitive experience of Zhidong after a week's visit to dozens of objects and field investigation of Shenzhen speaker industry chain.

The so-called "underground Jianghu" has two meanings. One is the long supply chain behind the brands and products we perceive, including chips, modules, parts, solution providers, technology providers, generation factories, etc., which are hidden behind the aura of smart speakers and unknown to the world.

On the other hand, there are many unknown enterprises in the smart speaker market. Compared with the well-known Internet giants and star enterprises, they are located in the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. They have no technology, rely on cheap labor, and earn small profits. If internet giants and star startups are at the top of the pyramid, they are the majority at the bottom of the pyramid.

The intelligent speaker industry is not only a Jianghu, but also a huge "underground Jianghu". Every player has his own playing method. Every player must find his own living method, or he will be eliminated by the Jianghu.