Sweeping robot is a breakthrough innovation brought by lazy people



As the saying goes, no rules make no ends. When a person is confined to a certain rule, his thinking is easily limited, instead of innovation. Ma Yun once said that today's world is created by lazy people: people are afraid to go and invent cars, people are afraid to climb stairs and scientists invent elevators

What is a sweeping robot? In fact, this is what many people call the current sweeping robot. When I first heard about it, I couldn't figure it out. I remember an aunt in the community was asking me: a lazy sweeper costs a lot of money. Did anyone clean it. These old people think that the use of machine sweepers is something that some relatively lazy people will do.

Lazy sweeper does bring convenience to many "lazy people". When we have it at home, our family's health can not be hard to clean. The main feature of lazy sweeper is convenience. What are the aspects of this convenience?

If we say the sweeper, many people have seen it. In the railway station, sweeping is done by machines. A person can clean a large area by driving a car. It not only greatly saves labor and physics, but now many factories are equipped with such machines.

The lazy sweeper is specially designed for the family, whether we are at home or no longer at home can work. Because this machine usually has appointment function, as long as you set the time to clean. When it runs out of electricity, it can also charge automatically, but you need to clean the garbage can.